Blue Light Control 4K / 2K Monitor




High-energy visible (HEV) light often referred to as ‘blue light,’ can be found everywhere. It can be found in the sunlight, and it can be found in any manmade light source. Among them, LCD with LED back panel such as TV/PC screens and smartphones, emit fair amounts of blue light.

There are researches indicating that exposure to blue light in daytime is rather beneficial, enhancing the ability to focus and feeling clear-headed. However, researches also indicate that exposure to blue light at nighttime suppresses the secretion of melatonin more powerfully than any other light. The suppression of melatonin is considered as adverse health effect, and it may lead to serial illness like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Moreover, overexposing eyes to blue light by staring at LED monitors may contribute to vision problems such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).


STAYER’s BLC monitor has made it possible for the users to control, and even turn off the blue light from the source. That means, at nighttime, user can turn off or adjust the blue light to protect his/her eyes from the overexposure. Then in daytime, user can take the advantage of blue light’s stimulant effect by allowing the monitor to emit blue light.

Unlike other blue light reduction monitors which only blocks blue light partially, STAYER’s BLC monitor can cut off the blue light from the source, providing non-blue light working environment, at least from the monitor, to the user.

Other great features of their BLC monitor are following:
1)Automated timer — with one simple push of a button, automated timer will adjust the amount of blue light gradually down to 0% in 4hours.
2)Flicker-free Technology to reduce digital eye strain and related headaches.

At the Electronics fair, STAYER will also exhibit premium models, 4K BLC monitor with Urushi finish.
Urushi lacquer is the sap drawn from the Urushi tree(Rhus verniciflua) and among all the variety of natural lacquer, urushi has the highest level of quality.Compared with chemical lacquer, Urushi lacquer has higher properties of tolerance against water, heat, septic, acid, salt, and alcohol.
Urushi lacquer is widely used in traditional crafts and fine arts in Japan for its elegant and enriched gloss finish.

Urushi finish on our premium model is applied by a craftsman from Aizu Urushi.Urushi industry of Aizu has begun its history in 1590. It has become one of the biggest production area of Urushi products in Japan.
Please take a good look of the harmony of tradition and new technology.

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